Loyalty Points

What are Loyalty Points

Every purchase made on noisysauce.com comes with loyalty points that are the equivalent of 10% cashback on your future purchase. So for example, if you spend £20 with us, you would get £2 off a future purchase. From time to time, we run promotions that offer double or triple loyalty points so in this case, your loyalty points will be worth a lot more.

When Can I Use My Loyalty Points?

You can use your loyalty points at any time after your first purchase. For example, you could spend £20 and gain £1 off your next order or you could accumulate your points over a number of orders, such as making 5 £20 orders and then using £10 off your 6th order.

Do I Need An Account?

Yes, you must be a registered customer at noisysauce.com. Any purchases made through our eBay, Amazon or Play stores do not earn you loyalty points. Only purchases made through noisysauce.com carry loyalty points.

Where Can I Register As A Customer?

You can register at any time by clicking here or during the checkout process of your first order, you can add a password and this will register you as a customer.

What Are Referral Points?

Every time you refer a friend to noisysauce.com and they make their first purchase, you will receive 50 loyalty points.

How Do I Earn Referral Points?

To make sure you qualify for the points, you must log in to your account here, click on MY INVITATION in the menu on the left hand side of your account screen and send your invitation to as many of your friends as you like. You can write your own message or you can just fill in their email address and a generic invitation message will be automatically added to the email. Every friend that comes to the site from the link in your email and makes their first purchase will earn you 50 points worth £5. Refer 10 friends to us who all make a purchase and you'll get £50 to spend!

Will My Friend Earn Points Too?

Yes, as a registered customer, your friend will earn points will every purchase.

How Will I Know When My Friend Has Made An Order?

You can log in to your account here, click on MY INVITATION in the menu on the left hand side of your account screen and you can check the status of all of your referral invitations.

Do I Get Points Every Time My Friend Makes An Order?

No, you will receive your 50 bonus points after they make their first purchase only but you will get 50 points for every friend who makes an order at noisysauce.com. To ensure you get these points, please make sure you follow the steps above.

I Have More Questions, Who Can I Contact?

For any other questions or queries please check the rest of the Help Centre or ask a friendly member of the VU team by using the Contact Us page